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Tailored financial support for sustainable mobility

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One step closer towards sustainable electrification

The transition towards electric fleets can be hindered by the need for initial capital. Polara Capital offers an accessible solution for companies worldwide to remove this financial barrier. With Polara Capital, you have access to a financing program specifically designed to accommodate fleet electrification projects. Moreover, our financing solution enables projects already benefiting from subsidies to progress rapidly.
One of our priorities is to find the most advantageous subsidy programs and tax credits for your project. After identifying the solutions available to you, our experts will help you implement them. Our aim is to maximize the financial return on your initiative.

Polara Capital financing advantages

Maximizing financing

  • Improve your financing with advantageous and competitive terms.

Simplified process

  • Focus entirely on your fleet transition by simplifying the financing process.

Get support from industry experts

  • Ensure the success of your project thanks to the expertise of our team.

Customized financing offer

  • Get a financing solution tailored to meet your needs.

Can be combined with government subsidy programs*

  • Maximize your financial benefits by using our financing alongside government subsidies.

Accessible everywhere

  • Polara Capital is a financing program accessible anywhere in the world.

Ongoing commitment to sustainable mobility

At Polara, we want to spark a revolution in the sustainable transport industry. We believe in a future where electric vehicle charging is accessible to all, regardless of location or fleet size. With the launch of Polara Capital, we are ready to help our customers move towards sustainable electric mobility.

Do you have any questions?

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Polara Capital financing program.

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