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A scalable charging solution for fleet electrification

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Modular. Flexible. Scalable.

To ensure efficient fleet charging management, it is essential to have energy management infrastructure in place. This is why we created the CHRGPK™ with the specific challenges of the transition to electric mobility in mind.
Polara's CHRGPK™ anticipates the future needs of electric vehicle fleet charging. It is a cutting-edge solution adapted to the ever-changing and growing needs of sustainable mobility. The CHRGPK™ is the ideal modular charging infrastructure. Whether you're responsible for managing a fleet of electric vehicles, or planning to switch to electrification.
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97% energy efficiency

  • Optimize energy transfer while reducing electricity bills.

60% space reduction

  • Maximize your space with the smallest solution on the market.

Modular design with high scalability potential

  • Simplify your infrastructure upgrades as your needs evolve.

Simple maintenance

  • Centralize your fleet’s charging in a single location.

Available financing

  • Finance 100% of your project thanks to Polara Capital.
  • Polara's CHRGPK™ incorporates advanced measurement and protection features that make it compliant with quality standards. It also meets IEEE and local utility requirements by maximizing total harmonic reduction.

The future of mobility


Fleet transition is a multi-stage process. That's why we've designed the CHRGPK™ to be modular. So you can easily upgrade and replace components as your fleet evolves. This ensures that your infrastructure can grow with your fleet.
The future of electric mobility is constantly evolving. Which is why the CHRGPK™ is compatible with all components available on the market. It can also be connected to several different energy sources, such as solar panels, generators and batteries. What's more, it can accept both AC and DC charging stations.
Whether you own or lease your site, the CHRGPK™ is the perfect solution. It allows you to move your infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

Energy efficiency

The CHRGPK™ stands out from other solutions on the market thanks to its exceptional energy efficiency of over 97%. The CHRGPK™ is design optimizes energy from the network to the vehicle. This significantly improves energy utilization, resulting in annual savings on electricity bills.
The CHRGPK™ is a cutting-edge technology designed specifically for electric vehicle fleets. It leads the market in terms of quality, efficiency and scalability. With Polara's CHRGPK™, your transition to electric mobility is a guaranteed success.
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Thanks to Polara Capital, we can cover the full cost of your project. As a result, you can make the transition to a scalable electric fleet charging infrastructure with ease.

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