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Polara Dealership Referral Program


Become a Polara Dealer

At Polara, we introduce groundbreaking and high-performance charging system solutions, guiding our customers through their energy transition journey. Join us in shaping the future of electric vehicle infrastructure.
As a Polara Dealer, you will gain access to cutting-edge EV technology, comprehensive support, and a diverse product range tailored to various needs. With the electric vehicle market set for significant growth, becoming a Polara Dealer presents a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on the rising demand. Our Dealership Referral Program not only rewards your efforts but also fosters strong partnerships.
School bus on the road: Safe and reliable transportation for students.
Charging together
By 2040, the majority of new car sales will be dominated by electric vehicles. In fact, governments worldwide are aiming for 100% zero-emission vehicle sales within the next 20 years. Seize the opportunity to become a distributor and capitalize on the fast-growing market of EV charging infrastructure.
Polara Dealership Referral Program
At Polara, we highly value meaningful connections, that is why we established the Polara Dealership Referral Program. This initiative provides remarkable incentives as an expression of our gratitude for your ongoing support, contributing to the continued fortification of our partnership.
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Our benefits

New Business Referral

  • Dealers will be rewarded with a $1000 bonus
for each new business referral that chooses
Polara's cutting-edge EV infrastructure. This serves
as our appreciation for your instrumental role in
expanding our network and reaching new clients.

Commissions on

  • As a participant in the program, you'll also
receive a 1% commission on all ev charger
hardware sales generated from clients you refer.
This introduces an additional financial advantage
for your engagement.

In for the big draw

  • But wait, there's more to it! As an additional
motivation, we extend an exclusive offer for program participants, valid from today until May 31, 2024.
Every new business referral you generate during
this time period increases your likelihood of winning
tickets to the Formula E event in London 2024.


New Business Referral: Customer that is not currently doing business with Polara that places a PO, at the minimum, for a Fleet Study referred by the dealership.
All hardware sales: 1% of the value presented in a valid commercial offer issued by Polara on the following items: CHRGPK, chargers, and pedestals.


Must be an authorized dealer within the Blue Bird network.
Must be based in the USA or Canada, Polara reserves the right to refuse candidatures.


Net 60, ARO for New Business Referrals.
Net 60, upon delivery of EV Infrastructure for all hardware sales.
If any disputes arise under this dealership referral program, we agree to first try to resolve them with good-faith negotiation.


Formula E contest ends on May 31, 2024.
Dealership referral program has no end date announced yet, Polara reserves the right to terminate at any time.

Formula E Details (reward subject to change):

2x tickets to the event.
1x hotel room, 2 people occupancy.
300$ per person, per day of spending money.

Ready to become a dealer ?

  • The future holds exciting possibilities for growth and success in the electric vehicle infrastructure industry. We are eager to embark on this journey together. With your active participation, we are confident that we can achieve extraordinary milestones together.
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Dealership Referral Program

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